Nature In Life Sheet Mask


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  • Nature in Life
    nature in your daily life a sheet mask resembling a Hanyul nature.
    A gentler and more comfortable seat mask with ingredients from Korean nature.

    Point 1
    Soothes skin with Korean natural ingredients
    Mint, Wormwood, Rice and Frost

    Point 2
    Daily seat mask to take care of with a good ingredient mellowly

    Point 3
    100% cellulose fabric with microfibre yarns enriches essence, adheres thinly
    and gently to skin for good delivery of active ingredients for intensive skincare

    Red Rice - a sheet mask that delivers deep moisture and skin defences to dry skin with twice-fermented red rice fermented essence grown in the hostess.

    Wormwood a sheet mask that hydrates and soothes tired skin with fortified young wormwood.

    Mentha Trouble Calming - sheet mask containing mint and sickle extract to control excess secretion sebum and soothe troubled skin such as drying.

    Frost - Nutrition - a creamy sheet mask with deep nutrition and moisturizing effect on the skin and a creamy formulation that provides a protective effect on the skin.

  • 1. After cleansing, use toner to fix skin texture.

  • 2. Remove the sheet mask and paste it from top to bottom, based on both eyes.
  • 3. After resting for about 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet and absorb any remaining contents of the skin.
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