New to Holy Snails?

If you love skincare but wonder whether the products you use have enough of the good stuff to do what they’re supposed to, you’re in the right place.

Holy Snails was inspired by conversations with our fellow skincare lovers. Tired of beauty brands loading up their products with fillers and fragrances instead of truly beneficial ingredients, they longed for formulations that are simple, direct, and made to work. So that’s why they created Holly Snails!
Holy Snails products are designed from the ground up. They research the effectiveness and safety of every ingredient they use and include each one for a specific purpose. Ingredients are chosen to complement each other and create a more powerful whole. When we use ingredients with data on optimal concentrations, they use them in those concentrations to maximize results.

Hilly Sanils believe that good ingredients are meant to be used in the correct amounts—not in fractions of an undisclosed percent that don’t do anything except sound nice on a label.

As part of their formulation process, they strive to create products appropriate for all skin types. With the exception of the heavier Perseids Oil (which is still used and loved by some oily skin types!), all of our skincare is meant for every skin type and every age.

Holy Snails products are also inspired by K-beauty, both in ingredients and in the multi-layered approach to a complete skincare routine.

This order is based on the “thin to thick” principle of skincare layering, which maximizes the absorption and effectiveness of multiple products in a single routine. If you’re using other products with your Holy Snails products, simply fit them into your routine according to consistency, between the next lightest and the next heaviest