What does face toner do and why do you need it? 

Face toner is a water-like product to use after cleansing and before the rest of your routine. It replenishes your skin with good-for-you ingredients and preps it for the rest of the products in your regimen. 


What Does Toner Do for Your Face?

There are many reasons to add face toner to your daily routine.

  • It removes oil and traces of dirt. Toner is part of the cleansing process. It can remove dirt, bacteria, makeup, pollution and dust that your cleanser may have left behind. Using a toner can give your skin an extra-deep clean.
  • It protects the skin. Toning the skin after cleansing can seal up the pores, better protecting your complexion against environmental stressors. This also means that pores appear smaller.
  • It improves the effectiveness of other skin care products. Depending on the type of toner you choose, it can help your skin absorb other products better. Many toners help balance the pH level of the skin, which can also improve the performance of your other products.
  • It soothes and refreshes skin. If your skin is feeling any sort of discomfort, a toner may be able to help, especially a calming, hydrating one. Apply before serums and moisturizers to soothe skin. Additionally, toners can help skin feel more refreshed and rejuvenated, particularly after a long day.