Facial Soap S10 Ceramide 85g elasticity


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  • S10 soap bar is firmly packed with ceramide, which works as a fixture in between skin cells and builds up a skin-barrier to aid in protection. Also it has TOUN28’s secret formula that makes fine bubbles and neatly rubs off makeup residue, thus keeping the skin healthy.

    For elastic moisturizing for sensitive skin
    Weak Acid, Elastic Moisturizing, Regenerating, Firm Skin

  • Step 1. Froth the product using your hand.
    Step 2. Cleanse by softly rolling the product.
    Step 3. Rinse with lukewarm water.

  • Peanut Oil, Ceramide, Olive Oil, Tamanu Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Kale Powder, Tocopherol.