Facial Soap S14 Foremilk 85g


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  • S14 soap bar’s main element foremilk contains 75% of immunoglobulin G, as well as vitamins, magnesium and nutrients of all sort which are good for skin immunity. TOUN28’s foremilk “Wash Off” is only collected from the first milk produced within 72 hours after a new calf is bom, which is also edible. The milk foams from foremilk softly remove facial dirt and residue and provide balanced nutrition.Exp 2023.05.31

    Balanced nutrition for sensitive skin
    Weak Acid, Immune system protectant, Balance of Nutrition

  • Step 1. Froth the product using your hand.
    Step 2. Cleanse by softly rolling the product.
    Step 3. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Foremilk, Cream Base, Tocopherol, Oatmeal Powder