Pore Clear Brush

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  • Description

    • 100% Sugar Cane
    • Biodegradable
    • Tree-Free
    • Agriculture By-Product
    • Free of Bleaching Chemicals
    • Earth Pact

    0.4 mm - 4,000 antibacterial silicone bristles help cleanse dead skin cells, sebum, and pores. By putting air to Pore Clear Brush, it smoothly follows face lines and helps cleanse entire face. The strength of the cushion can be adjusted by the amount of air injected

    • Suggested use

      How to use:

      • Pump it in the proximity of 6 times using the piston.
      • Press the central button, air escapes.

      How to keep:

      • Remove the backing paper attached to the back of the hanger.
      • Attach the brush hanger on the wall.
      • Insert the head of the brush into the groove of the hanger.

      It is most gentle when the height of the brush is in equilibrium.

      Watch out for the silicone part not to be pierced by something sharp.

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