Soo Gunyang Skin (For Men)


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  • It is a moisturizing gel type skin that provides a comfortable skin condition with an intensive moisture supply. It provides nourishment and elasticity to the skin, brightens the skin of the face, and is quickly absorbed by the rough and thick male skin to keep the skin comfortable and moist for a long time, even after shaving.

    It contains:

    Wilfordi root(120 years old), Balloon flower(80years old), Blueberry extract, and Hydroxyproline.

  •  After cleansing or shaving, take an appropriate amount and gently wrap it around the face and neck for absorption.
  • Main ingredient.
    Cheonsam - Excellent red ginseng that is given only to some of the most precious grades of red ginseng.
    Deer antler - A representative herbal ingredient that has been used to keep the body from the past and has the effect of enhancing skin elasticity.
    Cordyceps Sinensis - A very precious nourishing ingredient that grows in difficult growing environmental conditions and is effective for skin elasticity.
    Jangsaenggilkyung - Gilkyung (bellflower), which has been known to be valuable since ancient times, adds vitality to the skin.
    Jangsaenghasuo - A precious ingredient that has been used in the Chinese imperial family since ancient times, and it adds vitality to the skin by containing the spirits of the earth for decades or more.